Simply Said Reading Accessories — A “novel approach” of making your mark!

Hello and welcome! My name is Debra Owsley and my company is Simply Said Reading Accessories. We custom design and make by hand, reading accessories such as *Bookmarks we call “Gift-marks” *Book Thongs which are also bookmarks for Authors, Book Stores, Book Clubs and Book Lovers. These items are great gifts to give to your fans… *As giveaways at your book signings *At promotional events *As contest prizes on your website *To use in your press kits just to name a few of their many uses.

For authors, our main goal is to provide you, your book or business with elegant ways to represent your work, have fans retain your contact information and do this within your budget.

Traditional business cards, bookmarks and fliers are okay to give to customers and potential clients at certain venues; however, giving them a complimentary item that is more of a gift item makes more of a lasting mark. Look at where you don’t want to end up.

From my experience, the “other” bookmarks and post cards, made from card stock many authors use, are bent and tossed away pretty much as soon as they are handed out. Those types wear pretty easily. “Gift-marks” by Simply Said Reading Accessories are not throwaway items will be used repeatedly. They are durable, strong and will be a constant reminder of you every time they use them. These keepsakes will last for years.
Our aim is to keep you remembered and retained, long after your fan has finished your book, and patiently awaiting your next book, while providing them with a useful and creative keepsake souvenir from you.

Even if you have your books only in an “E” format, Simply Said Reading Accessories can still assist you in your promotion and marketing efforts. Ask me how?

The Simply Said Reading Accessories line is truly your “A” game your Sunday best. When you really want to make an impression, and a lasting “mark”!

This is what I do but, it’s really all about you.
~Debra Owsley