Since December 2006, Debra Owsley took her love for reading along with her hobby and turned it into the reading accessory and consulting business to support her book habit, and created Simply Said Reading Accessories. Debra works with several major best selling authors, and book stores creating unique gift-marks, book thongs, and creative displays and promoting literacy. She also coaches authors on how to promote and market their book on a budget.

Debra never dreamed her two loves would turn into a marketing and promotional business, allowing her to meet and work with authors she has read and admired, working book events and book festivals, and meeting other avid readers and book clubs.

Debra says “These are my passion marks and the quotes are pieces of me!”

Debra is a hair stylist and has been one for over 25 years. She loves to read, travel, blog, dance, and discuss books with friends over great food. She also has a salon book club called Under The Dryer. She’s always sharing her latest reads with her clients and encouraging them to purchase and support authors.

Why Simply Said Reading Accessories?

These are your “A” game.

A custom “Gift-mark” has a useable lifetime of many years, and will be used and viewed many thousands of times. Customized “Gift-marks” are an appreciated method of advertising, promotion and marketing. These items are tools to promote your business as a writer.

Established authors who are looking to purchase keepsakes in order to show appreciation to their new and current fan base, for up and coming authors and poets who are looking to broaden their customer base by distributing their message and contact information in an elegant way, “Gift-Marks” are the perfect solution to capture their attention and be kept.

Why give a perceptive reader or business contact something that looks like everyone else’s? Our “Gift-marks” are retained and remembered, and you will be too every time they use it.

Authors, you have readers all over the world. It’s almost impossible to do a signing everywhere your fans are, but you do want to thank them and acknowledge their support. Simply Said Reading Accessories can help you reach all those fans. Send them a “Gift-mark”, book thong or a autographed book plate. They fit neatly inside a card and simply mail them. You can easily and conveniently be in several readers’ hands and hearts all at the same time! A simply perfect thank you gift and promotional tool in one your readers will appreciate and cherish.

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