I also do

Flower Pens:

Authors why sign your beautiful book with a regular pen, when I can create a color coordinated beautiful pen or Sharpie to match you color theme! The Flower Pens are lovely signing instruments as well as gorgeous table decorations. 6 or 8 or more, in a basket and team them up with the “Half Gift-marks”, make quite an amazing and simply beautiful table display as well as a giveaway items.

Teaming up your promotional items, I call duo-purpose marketing. You can use them as display items, incentive marketing pieces also as retail items.

Presentation is everything!

Party Favors:
If you need some ideas for a signing, contest or giveaway, I create and work with many suppliers of novelty items. Let’s talk about your theme and let me help you find that perfect item to fit your theme, your brand as well as your budget.

Table In A Box:
Another service that Simply Said Reading Accessories offers is an easy options for authors to set up their table beautifully. We discuss your book concept and create a display that is going to be a draw to your table. In the box will be all of the props you’ll need to instantly open and spark interest of people passing by your space. These are points of interests of your book, and key items to spark conversation. We may create a scene from your story or maybe use some other main component from your story to build on and display and create a speaking point.

Presentation is everything!

Depending on what your”table” will be, prices vary.

There is a $25.00 consultation fee on your options.

Book Club in a Box:
Is a party starter kit that is interactive and a fun ways to kick start your book club meetings, or you the author as an ice breaker. The kit consists of games, prizes, discussion points, and many more bits and pieces to have a really entertaining dialogue about what the club is reading. Authors this is a tool kit you can carry it with you to get things going and bring a twist. Adding this will bring more amusing and memorable discussions.

Depending on what your ”box” will be, prices vary Please ask for details and photos.

There is a $25.00 consultation fee on your options.

Consultation Services:
Do you need help to figure out and brainstorm your next move? I am a not only a industry service provider, I am also an AVID fan. So I think like one. Authors, your hands are full. You have to think about your book, editors, etc… Let’s talk about ways we can promote your book, you may not have thought of. By brainstorming we can create a marketing plan for your book, and give you some direction and strategy on how, what, why, where, when to proceed. I can also help you with figuring out details like contest ideas, add on products, just helping you get some fresh ideas for your book, and new angles you may not have thought of. There is a $25.00 minimum consultation fee.

Consultation fees:
Because everybody is not as honest as you are, I am forced to impose this fee. I have been duped too many times by unscrupulous people who have had me to create orders and or take my ideas and have not paid. I willdo everything in my power to cover these fees once I know you are serious about you intent.

YES! I do
Gift baskets
Fund raisers
Commemorative pieces
Event Souvenirs
Limited editions
Special occasions

Please contact me for details.